5 Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Apps for All Shopify Stores to Use

5 Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Apps for All Shopify Stores to Use

Small businesses in the UK, Australia, and India can now take advantage of great apps and leverage Facebook Messenger for their Shopify stores!


Messaging apps have become quite popular and with billions of active users, big brands and companies have already jumped into the Facebook Messenger bandwagon.

There are great apps available and the most popular ones will be discussed in this article.


If you have a Shopify store, any of these apps can help you with your Facebook Messenger selling and marketing:


1. Tobi: An app that solves the most popular Facebook Messenger Marketing options and features for all Shopify users. You can send promotional broadcasts, order receipts, provide shipping updates, add Facebook Pixel, create Facebook campaigns and catalogs. The app has an easy setup and is free for 60 days.


2. Shop Message: This app has all the Facebook Messenger marketing features you need (basic + advanced features). You can send personalized broadcasts, setup automated FAQs, trigger product recommendations, setup automated conversations, and more. The biggest downside is that Facebook Ads are not supported. The price is $99/month.


3. ChatChamp: If you are looking for a great app with all advanced features for Messenger marketing, look no further as this is the best one you can use. This app also includes A/B testing for messages and supports Facebook Ads campaigns. You can set up automated conversations, shipping updates, All Facebook Ads campaigns are supported, and you can extra third-party app integrations available. The price starts at $99/month.


4. Recart: An app that can provide you with the most required marketing features for Facebook and Facebook Messenger. This app is great for all Shopify users (regardless of the size of their store). Recart includes features for push notifications and abandoned cart emails. You can provide your customers with shipping and delivery updates, order receipts, discount widget, and more. The biggest downside is – limited automation features. The price is $29/month.


5. Octane AI: This app supports Facebook ads campaigns and has all the features for Facebook Messenger Marketing. You can setup automated sequences, personalized broadcasts, shipping updates, order confirmation, back-in-stock notifications, and more. There are also third-party app integrations available. The price is $9/month.


The above list includes 5 great apps that can help you sell more products, promote your Shopify store, and prepare great Facebook campaigns.

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