How Shopify Stores in India Use Facebook to Double the Revenue

How Shopify Stores in India Use Facebook to Double the Revenue

How does Shopify Facebook integration work? How do you set it up? Read and discover how Shopify stores in India use Facebook to double sales and revenue!


Shopify stores in India are using Facebook and Facebook Messenger to sell products, talk to customers, answer questions, provide information and close sales. The best part – it is paying off big time.


Here is how do you set it up for your own store:


The store adds the option “Send to Messenger” which is located below the “Add to Cart” button. Considering the fact that the “Send to Messenger” checkbox is supported by Facebook, the platform knows who customers are when they come on the product page.

When the customer clicks the button “Add to Cart” they give the store green light to send them messages on Facebook.

If the customer doesn’t complete the order after 60 minutes, the store’s Facebook page will send the customer a message to remind him to come back and complete the purchase (more than 70% of the people don’t complete their purchase).

Hopefully, the customer will come back and the store will show them the products they had in the shopping cart and another chance to complete the purchase.

When a purchase is being made, you start generating revenue immediately.


There are some great apps you can use to start sending Facebook Messenger notifications and promotional campaigns. You can check out the Shopify App Store or take advantage of external apps like Octane AI. This is a bot that your Shopify customers can talk to. You can also collect contact information, automatically send abandoned cart messages to customers who forget to complete the purchase, automatically answer questions, send personalized messages, and more.


You are just one click away from running a profitable and successful online store in India. All you need to do is sign up to Shopify (if you already have a Shopify store you can skip this step), download the Facebook & Facebook Messenger app, integrate your Shopify store and start selling. It is pretty simple and yet beneficial for your online business.


Give Shopify and Facebook Messenger a try and enjoy the numerous advantages they provide. Take your India-based store to the next level, get closer to your customers, and increase your revenue!

We’ve revealed the secret to your success! Accept it and use it!

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