Sell with Messenger Channel in India: How to Sell More Shopify Products

Sell with Messenger Channel in India: How to Sell More Shopify Products

With Shopify India, you can now sell your products directly on Facebook Messenger and provide customer support! Here is how to double your traffic and sales!


Shopify India allows you to promote and sell your products directly on social media including Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

The Messenger channel adds your Shopify products to a menu that visitors, fans, Facebook followers, and customers can buy from while chatting with your Facebook business page. The followers or potential customers that browse your Shopify store can use Facebook Messenger to ask questions and get more details before and after purchase.


With Facebook Messenger, you can sell products from your Facebook Messenger chat and allow your customers to checkout without leaving Facebook and the app. This is great for keeping your customers updated. You can automatically send customers order status (with all details included) i Messenger.

Also, you can provide customer support to all of your customers. Add the Message Us option and give your shoppers an easy way to start conversations with you while they browse your product offerings.


Why use Shopify India? Why connect your Shopify store with Facebook Messenger?

Not only you can double your traffic and sales, but you can also can:

  • Allow your shoppers to browse the products and make purchases from the chat
  • Customize the buttons, messages, and menu product titles that Facebook followers and customers interact with
  • Send automated order updates to customers from Facebook Messenger
  • Add the button “Message Us” to your online store and have conversations with your followers and buyers in real time
  • Offer professional support to customers with information about their purchase
  • Track Facebook sales (you can use the sales channel overview, as well as, Analytics page)
  • Fulfill Facebook Messenger orders directly from Shopify dashboard


In order to use the Facebook Messenger channel, you need to access your Facebook business page where you will receive and send messages. The order updates require selling in a currency that is officially supported by Facebook.

Adding the Message Us option requires an online store channel (you can choose from Shopify’s various ecommerce plans, build a store, and start selling online).


We highly recommend using Shopify ecommerce platforms and Facebook Messenger app. It is the perfect combination you need to get closer to your customers and allow them to buy your Shopify products quick and easy.


Try it now! It’s free!

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